Spade's notes #1

New client: Torrok

Half-orc from out of town. Seems to have been traveling around. Not comfortable with people, suggesting a hermit-like past. Not overly concerned with his appearance. Does not take care of his possessions. He is apparently staying at the Broken Anvil inn. Has the means to acquire a bank note for 500 gold, still need to check if it pays out.

Ace and I have been hired by Torrok to deliver a letter to five seemingly unrelated individuals. He also gave us the same letter which held an invitation for a meeting in 10 days. We found them soon enough, just a word and a coin to the right people.

The mage Yanika seems a bit chaotic, with a drive for experimentation and big risks.

The pile of muscles with a big heart, Kayne, who has earned the respect of a local bar.

The mysterious Zebulor, who lives on the street. Equal parts withdrawn and need-to-belong.

The formal Aitlas, a kind soul towards others and his family, but down on his luck.

The inquisitor Majid of the Arcanin Guild, driven by curiosity and trust issues.

Thus far no connection could be inferred between these individuals. They seemed mostly all Himmin natives. No hiding heirs to long-lost fortunes as far as we have found. Ace did mention seeing them all in a dream. I am sure that magic could be responsible, or it could be just a coincidence? Let's hope it isn't destiny...

Note to self: Investigate why Aitlas' shop burned down, but try to get paid for it.

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