Case file: The missing acolyte

New client: Thyra

Giant priestess of Belenus. High priest of the main temple in Hillside Rise. Outwardly pious and helpful. Caring nature. Quite meticulous.

Task: Find Samra

Fee: 500 gold in Temple services

Description of the missing person:

  • Smallish human. Soon to be 18 years old. Blond-red hair kept short to the shoulders.

  • Acolyte of Thyra. Last seen dressed in the robes of the temple (White robes, red border, golden bracelets).


  • Did not show up for the morning rituals and was not at home.

  • Lives alone in an apartment provided by the temple.

  • Comes from a wealthy family that has an import/export business and maks many donations to the temple.

  • Was a spoiled rich kid prior to joining the temple, but has since been taught discipline. Is now known to be very friendly with no known enemies.

  • Was sick a few weeks ago as she had gotten some bad news. But then she just stayed in her apartment.

Theories at outset:

  • A competitor of her family’s business has captured her for leverage.

  • Another acolyte jealous of her position with Thyra took their revenge.

  • Attracted the wrong kind of attention during charity work.

  • Noble family dispute that has escalated.

  • Got involved in some kind of trouble in her neighbourhood

  • Kidnapped to aid in the creation of a lich or some other nefarious purpose.

  • Ran away because she doesn’t want to take over the business, fell in love or hates the temple for some reason.

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