Case file: Red Ice Gang

New client: Nail

Red Ice Gang member. Joined the gang a year ago. Wears a mask. Despite appearance, is not overly dangerous or maniacal. Seems sincere in his desire to help Brand and bring the gang to a sane(r) path again.

Task: Solve Brand’s illness

Fee: Either the favour to Brand will be absolved or monetary compensation should that not work out.


  • Brand has been acting up more than usual since last week. Symptoms include fever and headaches. While he is still in charge of the Red Ice gang, some of his underlings are worried. Gang is in danger of splitting up. Brand still keen on taking revenge on Kayne for standing him up.

  • Brand became very sick 6 months ago after a robbery gone wrong. He was found unconscious in the sewers after running away. Was treated for several days by a doctor in the racks with a plague mask in a clinic in the Racks. We have been tasked to track down this doctor for more information.

Current theories:

  • Brand may have been exposed to the Black Maze. Whatever the curse is that exists down there may have infected him as well.

  • There may be an additional consciousness with Brand’s head. An invader from another plane or perhaps even demonic in origin. One mind seems to have childlike tendencies (doodling), while the other is psychopathic. It is unknown which is the original one (if that even exists)

  • Alternatively Brand’s mind may have been broken in the past and the incident six months triggered whatever was already messed up.

  • There may be a relation with Har’Hak and the Mirrorshine sword. Both seems to involve the Himmin underground and it was in pursuit of the sword that we first encountered Brand. However thus far Brand and the Red Ice Gang have not indicated any knowledge of the sword or the Dwarven ruins.

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