Case file: Jed and the undead terror

New client: Jed

Homeless half-elf that Kayne has taken a liking to. He is clearly underfed and skinny. He is poorly kept and has several scars from untreated small wounds. He does have a cat that seems to be connected to the Shadowfell

Task: Find and eliminate an undead creature that is tormenting the Racks

Fee: A strange box and the goodwill of Kayne


  • Jed pointed us to an abandoned shop in the Racks where the creature may reside

  • Basement in the shop leads to an underground crypt from the time of the human settlement. Seems to have been the burial spot of some nobles. Monk statues carry symbol of Belenus.

  • Summoned abberation was present in the main crypt. Dropped a silver coin after being defeated.

  • Deep hole within the crypt that leads lower. Kayne is ‘investigating’ (and will hopefully survive)

Current theories:

  • There are many links with the Shadowfell, both from the client as in the crypt. It is unknown if this is a coincidence or if this may be indicating a pattern.

  • The creature found in the crypt was undead, however it may not have been the cause of the disappearances. It seemed unable to leave the crypt (too big to fit through the door). This could indicate the existence of another creature.

  • It is unclear if Jed can be trusted. While he seems harmless, there are many aspects to the half-elf that raise substantial questions.

  • The creature in the crypt was summoned, but may have been summoned a long time ago. It is unclear who was the summoner.

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