Case dossier: Kayne's Axe

New client: Kayne (last name unknown)

Half-giant living in local inn. 70+ years old. Staunch ally. Likes a direct approach. Protector of small and not-so-small furry animals.

Fee: pro bono

Item of interest: 1 axe (silver, double-bladed, big)

Last seen: 32 years ago, impounded by Gold Clutch guards during arrest

Leads: none

Clues: none

Current plan of attack:

  • Interview current Gold Clutch guard roster, perhaps some guards are still around. Kayne is very very memorable, so chance is high that they may remember him.

  • Check depot records. Precious weapons might have been resold, there might be logs available.

  • Put out feelers at pawn shops in Gold Clutch and the Racks.

  • Inquire at local bars and fighting pits if anyone is using a weapon matching the description. 32 years is a long time and it may have been passed down a few times. Unlikely that it is being used by guards or soldiers as it is non-standard. Likely needs to be wielded by a Giant/Half-Giant. Its double-bladed nature leans more towards gladiatorial or brutal combat, thus fighting pits or gang members.

  • Divination spells could help, if funds would be available.

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