Battle reports

The 2nd Salamander Crusade Company
"Nocturne's blade"

The call to arms by Roboute Guilliman was heard and answered by Chapter Master Tu’Shan of the Salamanders. Although the regular battle and reserve companies of the chapter were still seriously understrength after the second assault on nocturne, the arrival of primaris reinforcements made the formation of new temporary crusade companies possible.

The second of these companies was named Nocturne’s Blade and placed under the command of the newly appointed primaris captain Joval.

Given the strike cruiser Stormhammer, the company joined the Indomitus Crusade Fleet Decius.


Techmarine brother Kothar and his Forge Tenders are veterans belonging to the Salamander Armoury. Along with several vehicles they were appointed to aid Nocturne’s Blade.
Captain Kascus rewarded brother Kothar’s devotion by granting him command of an armored patrol division.

After Brother Kothar's defeat at the supply drop massacre, brother captain Hurac and his Umber Drake vanguard squads were brought in and tasked with retrieving the captured brothers from commorragh.